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Harmonious Earth’s Virtual Communities

Harmonious Earth’s Virtual Communities

Networked WorldIdea to Expand

We are excited to expand the reach of Harmonious Earth by establishing a virtual network where more people can share in what we are doing. Originally our focus was on physical community, which is still essential, but the need for virtual community has also become more and more apparent. Both are necessary.

Community is based on the idea of doing what is in the best interest of both the group and each individual. The One is the All and the All are the One.

We get several emails per week from people who want to participate in what we are doing. Right now all we can say is live the concepts the best you can where you are on your own or come to Sedona, find a place to live and hang out with us. Most people are not in a place where they can drop everything and come to Sedona, so if they can’t come to Sedona then we need to bring what we are doing in Sedona to them. Sedona will be the hub where information is disseminated to people around the world.

We are revamping the Harmonious Earth website so it emphasises the people’s puzzle pieces in the group as well as the group itself. We are adding membership, storefront, social networking, and talent sharing to the website. It will be a central hub where like-hearted people can share who they are, and those who need what they have can find them. It is a virtual network of people who are on a similar path.

puzzle_komp_detailEveryone Has Their Own Website

One key idea is that everyone will have their own website where they can truly and fully express themselves, so everyone can know the puzzle piece that they are and where they fit in the overall puzzle picture of human society. Facebook has become the place where people are doing it now, but it is very limited. You do get to put up as many pictures as you like, but your posts get lost by being pushed down your timeline, and Facebook controls who sees your posts and limits it to just a few people. Facebook is designed to make money by limiting your exposure and then enticing you to pay for more people to see your posts. We’ll continue to use Facebook and all other social media for exposure to our network and personal sites.

Network Upon Network

Pictures of People in a networkHumans can only comfortably maintain about 150 stable relationships according to Robin Dunbar. When villages and tribes grew beyond this number they would break off into smaller tribes. People tend to have about 5 people who are close, most of them relatives or friends. This 5 is nestled inside the top 15, with whom they generally have weekly interchanges. Then come the top 50 who they may interact with once a month and onto 150 who they might see every 6 months, and beyond that just acquaintances they know or once knew. The following photo is a good illustration of how there are networks of people inside of larger and larger networks.

Network of People in Community


Your Own Personal Website with my help – You Are Unique Puzzle Piece!

Your Own Personal Website with my help – You Are Unique Puzzle Piece!

Website PricingWhy You Need Your Own Personal Website

Your website is like your puzzle piece that fits into humanities overall puzzle picture. It is a display telling others who you are, what gifts and talents you have, and where to find you. It’s all about networking and to be found you need to be fully expressed.

The new emerging economy is based on people rather than things. It is about connecting those that have gifts and talents with those that need them. It is worldwide with no borders to stop the free flow of those getting to where they are needed. In the past paradigm everyone kept themselves hidden, as a form of protection, so they wouldn’t be harmed. Now the best way to stay safe and sustain yourself is to be as fully expressed as possible. Put everything that you are into your website and don’t hold back, so that it will attract those that need what you have to share and allow them to fit their puzzle piece with yours.

“It’s not about making the pieces fit into a frame, the edge of the frame is created naturally by the puzzle pieces being joined together as a group.”

This is your website. It is your expression of you. You will have to learn how use the tools to run it in order to fully express yourself. No one can tell you who you are, only you can do that. Behind the scenes designers and ghost writers are becoming obsolete. It’s all about personal expression and transparency. The technical part of getting your website up and going has been done for you. Now it’s your turn to let your creative juices flow and express yourself through your websites layout, pictures, text, and videos. It is an organic process that is always changing as you change.

Make your website the full expression of who you are. Have fun with it and grow with it and it will be of great service to you becoming more aware of who you really are. The internet is teaching us that we are already telempathically connected. It connects those who have something unique with those who need that unique thing.

facebook puzzle signPut Everything on Your Website | Then Link It To Facebook

Shift your mindset to your website being the place for posts and pictures rather than Facebook. Upload Pictures and Posts to your website and then link them back to Facebook. This way people will always led back to your website, the post won’t get lost down your timeline, and it will be searchable by google and on your own website. Your website is the much more capable at expressing your unique robust nature that Facebook.

People want to find you, so they can benefit from what you have to offer and this requires your data to be made available to Google through a website it can access and index. Facebook posts don’t work like that. They get lost and pushed down very quickly and are not part of Google’s system. People need to find you and come to your site to see who you are, so they can fit their puzzle piece to yours. Facebook is too limited and heavily controlled to be a valid way to express yourself. Facebook is designed to limit who sees your posts so you will pay to get more exposure.

New open source social network platforms will eventually take the place of closed source built for profit platforms like Facebook. By building your own website you will be prepared for this shift, because you will already have gathered and organized the information that represents the unique puzzle piece that you are. Because Facebook has most of the traffic, you will want to continue to use it until the new networks come online.

Website as a puzzle piece5 Ways I Make It Easy For You To Design Your Own Website

Being able to design your own website is self empowering. I want to make so easy and inexpensive you can’t resist going for it. There is no reason that everyone can’t have their own amazing website. Here are five reasons why you can design your own website:

  1. I set up your website, so all you have to do is login and start designing your unique expression.
  2. I use WordPress, which is easy, open source, and the most popular platform for websites on the internet.
  3. I use Elegant Themes Divi Premium Theme to make website layout and design a breeze.
  4. I’ve gathered together links to great tutorials so you can teach yourself how to use wordpress and Divi.
  5. I’ve held the price as low as I possibly could, which is 60% to 80% lower than a similarly featured sites.

In addition to being easy, other benefits are:

  1. Top Quality. Web hosting is on our own Virtual Private Server (VPS) where we can allocate the proper resources to make our websites fast, unlike low cost shared hosting plans.
  2. You can have your own store on your site, so you can sell your products on both your site and the Harmonious Earth site. We can cross promote each other.

Why I Want to Co-Create Your Personal Website With You

I am excited to see people live their joy and be sustained by it. One of my passions is to assist others in the expression their joy, in this case through websites. There are plenty of other designers who can build you a website. What I want to do is empower you to build your own site, so it is a true expression of you and not a designer. The world wants to know who you are and you are the only one who can express that and you are ever changing and you want to be able to change your own website as you change.

If you ready to go full in, then take steps towards being fully expressed on your own site. Begin by doing a more traditional site that is geared towards commerce, and at a minimum include who you are and that the products are a result of your passion on your websites, so people can see that what you are selling is in alignment with your values and your highest joy and you are not focused on just making money. People no longer just want your product, they want what went into it and why.

If all you want is a traditional business website without a face then working with me would not be a good fit. There are other website creators that would be better suited fill that need.

Website IdeasWhat We Agree On To Work Together

I would be excited and motivated to setup and host your personal puzzle piece website if you feel like you resonate with the following:

  1. You have the desire and the dedication to build a website that fully expresses you. You are excited to have your website show the shape of the puzzle piece that you are and how you fit in with other puzzle pieces to make the big puzzle picture.
  2. You feel free to express yourself in any way you can imagine without being worried about what others might say, as best as you can.
  3. It is your desire that your website, and each product and service on it, be a reflection of your joy and that money comes as a result of your joy and not the other way around. You know it doesn’t work to do things for money. Put simply, “you do what you do because you love it and you know it will sustain you.”
  4. If we both feel it would benefit us both, you would be willing to put your products and services on the Harmonious Earth website, so we can promote you, help you sell your product, and in return we get a reasonable small commision or kick back for selling your product or service.

These ideas are meant to get us on the same page, to guide us, and can be changed. You do not need to do them all at once, but if you are in alignment with them and have the desire and dedication to work towards them it will add to the joy of both of us.

Pricing For New Websites and Hosting

Pricing For New Websites and Hosting

New Website Pricing table

New Website Pricing table

What’s Included with Your New Website

See the Pricing Table for various options and what is included with each option. All of these prices assume you are going design and administer your website yourself. I’ll set you up with the basic foundation and you will need to add content, text, pictures, videos and make design changes yourself. If you need help with something beyond that, we can talk about it and come to an agreement on an amount that will work for us both.  If I am not able to do it, I can refer you to someone who is. The point is to empower yourself with the tools necessary to express the unique puzzle piece you are on the internet.

If you want a different theme than Divi you can purchase it at your own cost of about $63, or you can pick a theme from any of the 87 themes from for free. If you pick a theme I’m not familiar with, the options I offer and prices will be different. I can get it installed for you, but there is a learning curve with each new theme. Call me at 310-633-1777 or email me at to talk more.

Flexible Payments and Variations on Options Packages

It is my excitement to arrange it so you getting your new website is a pleasant experience for me and you both. If you would like to pay by cash, check, direct deposit, or make payments, call me and we can work something out. If you want to customize the options you get with your website, let me know and we can arrange a custom package of features that meets your needs.
Call me at 310-633-1777 or email me at to talk more.

Internet Hosting ServersDescription and Pricing for Website Hosting

I use a fast private secure VPS Server to host our sites. I have full control over the resources so I can increase them and keep the speed high as our sites get more traffic. Our server is a private server, not a shared server, and hosts only our sites, which means our site are fast and secure. Shared servers, that you can get for $5 per month, tend to be unbearably slow which hurts your Google search ranking and does not encourage people to stay on your site.

Our hosting service is $10 per month or $120 per year. When you pay a year in advance you save $20, which makes it only $8.33 per month or $100 per year per website. I ask that you pay for a whole year in advance, so we can keep the costs and accounting down to a minimum. With your new website you received 3, 6, 9, or 12 months of “Free hosting,” depending on the option package you bought. This makes getting you up and running as affordable and seamless as possible. Be sure to renew your yearly hosting service at the end of your free period, so you don’t have any interruptions in your hosting.

Why I Keep My Pricing Low

What I am excited about is seeing people live their joy, being sustained by it, and assisting them in their expression of it, in this case through websites.

Website CollageThe going rate for sites with similar features are typically double what I am charging. You can get inexpensive sites but when you really compare apples for apples they don’t compare. What I am offering are high quality websites with high quality hosting at very low prices. I am doing this because I’m excited to see you express yourself, live your joy and work together with us to create a world where everyone joins with us.

For this to be fun and in the flow, it is important that you are aligned with this idea and that you resonate with this “puzzle piece” concept. You can read more about it by clicking here. If you are ready to jump in you can click the button below to “Pay Now.”

I’m excited to live my highest joy, which for me means to be involved with people and situations that bring in a new paradigm of living in a more harmonious and egalitarian way, and move away from hierarchical or master slave business models. I do what I do because I love it. What I love to do sustains me. I don’t do anything to make money. Life works. It provides me with what I need to express my joy. No one needs to do anything they don’t want to do for me to be happy and live my joy. Everyone living their highest joy! That’s the world I want to live in.

Website Instructions

Website Instructions

Information About Your New Website

The purpose of this post is to bring together the basics of what you need to know to work with your website. If you do what is written here you will be up and going in no time with a solid foundation. Your User name, login and anything specific to your site will be emailed to you. If you did not receive your email, check your spam and contact me at and I’ll resend it, so we make sure you get it.

“Remember to take it one step at a time, so your don’t get overwhelmed. It is really quite easy and fun. You can do it!”

Wordpress LoginWordPress | How to Login and Tutorials

Login: Your site is built on using wordpress as it’s foundation. To access the backend administrative interface you need to login by typing your sites URL and then adding /wordpress/wp-login so it looks like this: You can also login by adding /wp-admin after your sitename, but this doesn’t always work depending on where your files are located on the server.

Wordpress VideosTutorials on how to use wordpress: You’ll want to educate yourself on how to use wordpress and your chosen theme. It is very empowering to be in control of your own websites and it is worth the effort to learn how to set them up yourself. The best “How to use WordPress Videos” are on the WooCommerce site. You have to sign up for a free WooCommerce account to view them, but it’s worth it.

divi Theme divicesThe Divi Theme | Tutorials and Example Sites

I have installed and activated the Divi theme on your wordpress website and set up some pages, posts, and put in a few pictures to get you going, so you will have something to work with. What I set up is just to give you an idea of what you can do and you are free to edit it or delete it if you’d like.

ideas-for-your-websiteTutorials on how to use Divi: The Divi theme is very powerful and will do most anything you want. I highly recommend watching the Elegant Themes Divi video tutorials and reading the documentation to familiarize yourself with all the features and how to use them.

Example Sites: To get ideas and inspirations about what you can to with the Divi theme go to which has a good set examples of sites using Divi and Elegate Themes own website has a showcase of websites that used the Divi Theme.

Domain Name | Verify Email and Renew Each Year

You’ll need to pick a domain name for your “personal puzzle piece” website if you haven’t done so already or you did not previously have your own domain/URL. Go to and find one that you like. I use my name own name Some people change their name to something in nature, like a flower. I host a site called It’s nice if your domain name is easy to spell and remember. Once you find a domain name you like go ahead and register it. The cost is about $12.99 for one year. I’ll need your username and password so I can go into your Godaddy account and point the nameservers to my hosting site. I use the same username and login for WordPress that you used for Godaddy.

godaddy logoIf this is a new Godaddy account you will receive, an email from GoDaddy requesting you to verify your email address is truly yours. Follow the instructions to click on the link in the email they send your to verify it. I can’t proceed until this is done. If you have already verified your email, ignore this step. Once your email is verified I will login to your account and redirect the nameservers to point to the location where your website files are are stored.

You are in charge keeping your information up to date and for paying the $10-$20 yearly fee to Godaddy. Login to and make sure your contact information and address is accurate. You have to renew your registration each year unless you pay for multiple years. If you don’t renew when it comes due, you will lose your domain name and your website will go down. It will take a fair amount of effort to get it going again, so make sure to renew it when it comes due each year.

Links that May Come In Helpful When Building Your Site – I haven’t used this, but it might be helpful to make a quick logo. – Quick way to add quotes over photos.



What People are Saying About Puzzle Piece Websites

Here are comments about some of the websites I’ve done. Click on their photo or title to link to their websites.


Cathy Olsen Plymouth MinnesotaCathy Olsen – Plymouth, Minnesota

Oh Kirk…
My Website is so beautiful! I feel like you captured my essence so well!! I feel like I can see more of myself through your eyes and can build on that. Thank you thank you!!! What a gift you are! Your enthusiasm comes through as well!! In love and appreciation for who you are, the gifts you share and the connection we have made in this co-creation!!!  Love, Cathy


Amy Lamb Roseburg OregonAmy Lamb – Roseburg, Oregon

My website is wonderful! I’m beginning to play with it do things to promote my healing services and things that excite me. Thank you Thank you Kirk! Next year when I’m in Sedona, I’m going to take you to lunch!!  Hugs, Amy



Sandra Rolus Antwerp BelgiumSandra Rolus – Antwerp, Belgium

My website looks so good! Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done on it. I love it. Now, I can’t wait to get going on putting in all the content. Until now I’ve haven’t had a place to post it except for Facebook, which couldn’t really fully express what I wanted.
Thank you, Kirk…or should I say Master Web Master!


Jennifer Lotus Sedona ArizonaJennifer Lotus – Sedona, Arizona

You are an inspiration Kirk!
I love what you’ve expressed here. I’m so excited about my website and expressing myself through it. ~ Yay!



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