Networked WorldIdea to Expand

We are excited to expand the reach of Harmonious Earth by establishing a virtual network where more people can share in what we are doing. Originally our focus was on physical community, which is still essential, but the need for virtual community has also become more and more apparent. Both are necessary.

Community is based on the idea of doing what is in the best interest of both the group and each individual. The One is the All and the All are the One.

We get several emails per week from people who want to participate in what we are doing. Right now all we can say is live the concepts the best you can where you are on your own or come to Sedona, find a place to live and hang out with us. Most people are not in a place where they can drop everything and come to Sedona, so if they can’t come to Sedona then we need to bring what we are doing in Sedona to them. Sedona will be the hub where information is disseminated to people around the world.

We are revamping the Harmonious Earth website so it emphasises the people’s puzzle pieces in the group as well as the group itself. We are adding membership, storefront, social networking, and talent sharing to the website. It will be a central hub where like-hearted people can share who they are, and those who need what they have can find them. It is a virtual network of people who are on a similar path.

puzzle_komp_detailEveryone Has Their Own Website

One key idea is that everyone will have their own website where they can truly and fully express themselves, so everyone can know the puzzle piece that they are and where they fit in the overall puzzle picture of human society. Facebook has become the place where people are doing it now, but it is very limited. You do get to put up as many pictures as you like, but your posts get lost by being pushed down your timeline, and Facebook controls who sees your posts and limits it to just a few people. Facebook is designed to make money by limiting your exposure and then enticing you to pay for more people to see your posts. We’ll continue to use Facebook and all other social media for exposure to our network and personal sites.

Network Upon Network

Pictures of People in a networkHumans can only comfortably maintain about 150 stable relationships according to Robin Dunbar. When villages and tribes grew beyond this number they would break off into smaller tribes. People tend to have about 5 people who are close, most of them relatives or friends. This 5 is nestled inside the top 15, with whom they generally have weekly interchanges. Then come the top 50 who they may interact with once a month and onto 150 who they might see every 6 months, and beyond that just acquaintances they know or once knew. The following photo is a good illustration of how there are networks of people inside of larger and larger networks.

Network of People in Community


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