Large Dome Buildings

Dome Large Buildings

The dome shape structure has several advantages, some of which are: low cost, great strength, and good insulation. The strength is due to the natural strength of the arch, and the insulation is due to the minimal surface area of a spherical section.



Cost Effective

Material costs are relatively comparable to traditional construction, but the building is very efficient when finished.

More Complicated To Build

The techniques are similar to smaller domes, but experience is needed. Large structures take more time to build.

Need Experienced Craftsmen

Large buildings need experienced craftsman to build them and you can always pitch in to help.

Large Dome Buildings

Monolithic domes are used in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects. Because of the strength, durability and economics, they are used to store large amounts of various commodities in the cement, fertilizer, agricultural, power and mining industries.

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