Kirk Nielsen Human Design Chart

Kirk Nielsen Human Design Chart

About My Human Design Chart

Here is my Human Design Chart. It was done for me by Jackie Grace, who is a wonderful practitioner of the Human Design. It’s been helpful to see how I was designed when I came into this incarnation, so I can understand why I am like I am. It allows me to be know why I can’t get things to easily happen in some areas and why I can so easily get things done in others.

Knowing what other peoples Human Design is has been very helpful in getting along with them here at the community house. If someone is unable to make a decision or challenged by a situation, I know it’s because it was the way they were designed and I can be compassionate towards them know the best way to help them.

Do Not Use Your Human Design As An Excuse

One word of caution about Human Design… because nothing is fixed and everything can change it can be limiting to say that I am a certain way. Look at Human Design as a “Blueprint” of how you came into this life and why you might respond to it the way you do. You can choose to override any part of your design. It not a permission slip to justify behavior. You are in control. It is useful in letting you know why you might feel and react the way you do, but that does not mean you have to feel or act that way. You are fully empowered to do anything you choose.

What Is Human Design?

Have you ever wondered what makes you so special and unique from the other people around you? The Human Design System, a new synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science can help you understand the beauty and the power of just who you really are.

Human Design is a relatively new system of personality analysis that combines elements of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabbalah (Tree of Life), the Hindu Chakra system and modern quantum physics. Your personal Human Design chart, calculated from your birth data, gives you very specific knowledge about your personality traits, your health, your personal psychology, your talents, your wisdom and your vulnerabilities.

The Five Types

The easiest way to begin benefiting from Human Design concepts is to know one’s Type and to follow the strategy for that type. In the Human Design System there are five personality “Types”, each with a unique strategy for making decisions. Knowing your Type can help you develop confidence and trust in your capacity to make reliable decisions for yourself.

The five Types are called the Manifestor, the Manifesting Generator, the Generator, the Projector and the Reflector. Each Type has a different natural role to play when interacting with others and the world.

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